Bu Yunjun

Bu Yunjun

born 1982, currently lives and works in Beijing

As a photographer and conceptual artist, he creates large scale images of digital photos that might have otherwise been lost or allocated to the trash bin. He uses both snapshots of everyday scenes and objects as a well as imagery from classical Chinese painting, which he translates into an abstracted minimalist language. According to Bu Yunjun, “classical oil painting and the contemporary ‘trash image’ both have a type of majesty within their own individual eras.” Both transfer value in their own right —to him, it is the familiarity of a picture only by which we allocate to it a certain meaning and value. Hence, he explores our personal relationship to images and their cultural merit as such, reevaluating and bridging our perception of historical and contemporary China.

“The critical point between the light and the subject is what I think is the most real thing. With regard to the collection and transmission of information, I wonder if I am looking for "functional" information. Among the collected images, I found some unexpected images, and the connection between these images and classical painting gives me a feeling of familiarity. So these images go from anonymous images to images that I know very well.” (Bu Yunjun)

Website: http://www.buyunjun.com


  • Untitled 5, 2016. Inkjet Print, 105 x 212 cm
  • Untitled 2017. Inkjet Print, 110 x 136 cm
  • Untitled, 2018. Inkjet Print, 111 x 56 cm
  • Untitled 7, 2018. Inkjet Print, 169 x 110 cm
  • Untitled 9, 2018. Inkjet Print, 170 x 110 cm
  • Untitled, 2011. Inkjet Print, 105 x 125 cm