Luo Yang’s GIRLS belong to a part of contemporary China that is rarely taken note of in the West. Her portraits depict an emerging Chinese youth-culture that defies imposed expectations and stereotypes – GIRLS are badass and self- aware with a supreme sense of cool, yet also insecure, vulnerable and torn. Luo Yang photographs girls around her, attempting to grasp an understanding of their lives as well as her own. Although different, they share same ambivalent emotions, confusions and concerns. It is in this connection that Luo finds the strength and fragility of her subject. Her images are bold and up front, intimate and sensitive at the same time. They explore the themes of youth and femininity, while challenging traditional beliefs about women in Chinese society. As such, Luo’ s GIRLS reflect a view on life in contemporary China that both celebrates and defies its reality.

Luo Yang

Born 1984, Liaoning, China
lives and works in Beijing & Shanghai

B.A. from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, Shenyang, 2009.

In 2012, Ai Weiwei pronounced her one of the “rising stars of Chinese photogra- phy” (New Statesmen). Today, Luo Yang is well-acclaimed in her own regard, having had numerous exhibitions in Asia and abroad. Her monograph GIRLS was published on occasion of the 10-year anniversary of her series. In her work, highly staged portraits and carefully constructed poses alternate with a raw, blurred snapshot-aesthetic.